Understanding Behavior; Shareef Empire and Noon Leaguers By Majid Rafiq

Created on Friday, 09 June 2017 10:14 | 1066 Views
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Understanding Behavior Shareef Empire and Noon Leaguers By Majid Rafiq

Noon League is like a business Organization with MNS holding the master franchise and is himself the top brand.
MNS has very successfully integrated his business model with the Government so as to take most benefit from the Govt. Rules and regulations which are changed for self benefit.

The main beneficiary of this brand are Shareef Family which has spent billions of Gov Money in building a clean image. Now when the clean image of the brand is being tarnished day and night it is highly frustrating for the brand owners. That’s why they are spending billions (tax payers money) to protect the image.
Everybody in Noon league is either a direct or an indirect linked to this business empire. Noon leaguers are directly benefiting from the top brand of MNS and are holder of sub franchise in this empire.

Now when MNS brand comes under attack, the noon leaguers come forward with full force to defend the brand because they know if any harm comes to ‘The Brand’, it will also harm their smaller business empires. So any attack on the brand becomes an existential threat to the empire.
This helps understand the zeal and ferociousness with which they defend this 'Brand'. The intensity become even higher when they see eminent fall of the business empire built in the past 30 years.

Also, it must be in the contract of sub franchise that they will do their best to defend the brand and that is why it is heard that Brand Manager (Maryum Nawaz) demands from the sub franchise holders to do their job more aggressively hence the over hostile & combative behavior on TV talk shows or press conferences is evident.

Even the new entrants in this empire (Zubair Omar, Danyal Aziz) who came in after quite a struggle hoping for a sweet life are disturbed as any one would be who has put in heavy down payment for membership of a club which is about to be shut down!