A suggestion to organize PTI By Zohaib Zahid

Created on Monday, 13 February 2017 07:57 | 742 Views
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13-febA suggestion to organize PTI By Zohaib Zahid

The success of political parties is always at the mercy of the organizational structure to achieve the goals. Organizing a political party is a complicated process especially in a country like Pakistan because democracy has not strengthened its roots here. The existence of democracy is solely another debatable issue because we have to survive and win within the given circumstances. I have listened to many interviews of Chairman PTI Imran khan where he stressed the importance of organization. He accepted it at many occasions that the organizational set up of PTI needs special attention to make it an institution.

We all are aware of the fact that he spent two decades to make a party that can address the grievances of the commoners. PTI has really changed the political scenario of Pakistan. The number of its members is increasing day by day with a rapid speed. The need of the hour is to organize the increasing members in order to work in one direction with full force. This piece of writing is actually a suggestion or policy to organize PTI within the given resources.

There is a misperception prevailing in media that Imran Khan/PTI do not have following in the rural areas of Pakistan. This misperception includes the areas of interior Sindh, South Punjab and Baluchistan. The rural areas of central Punjab are reported to face the problems of organizational structure of PTI. First of all, I rule out all these theories of nonexistence of the following of Imran Khan/PTI in the rural areas. In fact, the rural areas are inclined towards PTI as Chairman PTI raised voice against the injustice done to the farmers and peasants. It is an urgent need for PTI to organize itself in the rural areas to achieve the targets in the upcoming general elections. I belong to a very remote village of south Punjab and I have listened positive views from every second person about Imran Khan and PTI. People have access to the news through the use of mobiles and internet. It is usually believed that the people of rural areas are less educated so they refrain to involve in the activities that require education to be understood. This concept is true to a great extent. In the present internet and android era, news has made its way to rural areas and people of rural areas are getting inclined towards politics. Most of the youth in our rural areas are following of Imran Khan and PTI. We need to provide them a forum to listen to their grievances at the initial stage. The forum must be regulated by the district and tehsil office bearers who claim to enhance the vote bank of PTI in the upcoming elections.

At the very first step, the tehsil administration of PTI in every city of Pakistan should be directed to visit every village of the city and find young and energetic people who can take the responsibility to lead PTI in their respective village. According to my assessment and experience, they will find many young men who will volunteer to serve PTI. They should be given a designation with title “Community President of PTI (For Example, Chack No. 555)”. I believe the official notifications should be issued by the city administration of PTI. This act of PTI will boost the morale of young lads to work for the party and it will further create a sense of competition between the PTI workers of that particular village to bring them up to the level to become Community President. The city administration of PTI will not have to spend a lot of time to appoint Community Presidents in the rural areas. Once they have accomplished the task of appointing Community Presidents, the next important step is to teach them their duties.

According to my sagacity, the vital work is to teach the workers their duties and make them competent enough to face all the problems politically. This task can only be achieved by searching educated people in the respective cities who are supporters of PTI and they should be requested to teach the ideology of PTI to all the office bearers of the city. Many volunteers will come forward to serve the party by teaching the ideology of PTI to its active workers. All the active workers should be directed
by the city administration of PTI to attend a session of learning that should be held only once a week. All the active workers must be directed to attend the sessions. The instructors should be strictly directed to focus only the ideology of PTI and Imran Khan. The best way to teach different lessons and chapters from the books written by Imran Khan especially “History of Pakistan: A personal view”. This book of Chairman PTI contains sufficient material that can change the thinking of the youth and develop leadership skills in them. The instructors may be hired on payment if not found volunteer but they must be there to teach and discuss. I suggest that the young supporters of PTI need to be taught the ideology of Khan and PTI.

This can all be done without spending a penny or a little amount and many uphill tasks can easily be achieved. Once this process starts, the central leadership should share the relevant material or literature that they think to be addressed to the PTI workers. The central leadership will send the literature and topics to the city administration of PTI and the city office bearers will deliver it to the instructors so that they can discuss it in the learning sessions more effectively. The central leadership may share the topics through official social media groups. Those who attend the sessions of learning will be allowed to discuss the matters of their constituencies. It will bring the people close to the ideology of PTI and Imran Khan.

The central leadership will establish a monitoring team that can pay surprise visits to different cities to check the working of PTI office bearers. The monitoring team will submit the report to the central leadership and someone found inefficient will be removed from the offices. This process will strengthen the roots of PTI in rural areas specifically and urban areas generally.
This is my suggestion and policy to organize PTI. The rest is all up to the leadership if they find it appropriate to implement.