Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is a political movement that intends to bring justice (INSAF) to all the people of Pakistan, which is their right. Medical and Healthcare is a right of every citizen of this country. Join us to ensure a SEHATMAND PAKISTAN

Due to the geographical, climatic, topographical and agricultural, differences all the 4 Provinces of Pakistan – there are different requirements to ensure that the nation is a healthy one. Therefore we announce the formation of THE MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE FORUM – SINDH, and invite all professionals connected with the Medical and Healthcare field to join us in our efforts to commence the Project "SEHATMAND SINDH" (HEALTHY SINDH).

There are many areas in the province of Sindh that have malnourishment to the level that is seen in drought hit areas of Africa. Infectious diseases that have been eradicated all over the world are found among the residents here. Preventable and communicable diseases are spreading with no control. Maternal & Child health is almost non-existent.

In order to form the board of advisors for the Medical and Healthcare Forum Sindh we have the following ANNOUNCMENT: -

ALL those members of PTI who belong to the following category (within SINDH) please immediately email us your resumes and a brief introduction and area of interest

  1. surgeons & physicians
  2. psychiatrists and therapists
  3. dental and oral hygienist
  4. nutritionists
  5. nurses and paramedics
  6. pharmacists, biochemists, pathologists
  7. medical and dental college students
  8. students of nursing, midwifery, nursing aid

Contact: -

Dr. Nezihe S. Hussain

Chief Coordinator

Medical & Healthcare Forum – Sindh

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Cell # +92 300 9239287